Fifty years on I

We do seem to be celebrating the 50th anniversary of so many things right now. Including Barclay James Harvest, rock band.

I wanted to share the back cover of their first album. I love this picture. It seems to encapsulate the late 1960s:

Mary Poppins

It is Christmas, which means lots of Mary Poppins on tv.

I have a problem with the end of this film. Let me explain.

Mary gets father George Banks to take his children to his work place the bank. Son Michael takes 2d (tuppence) which he wants to use to buy bird seed, but father says it is a waste of money.

Inside the bank, old Mr Dawes tries to get the money, but the children run out with it, but do not go to feed the birds. Later, they give the money to their father.

Father is called to the bank and is sacked. He gives old Mr Dawes the tuppence.

At the start of the film, the children have made a kite, but it is not very good and they ask the father to help repair it. Father refuses, but after being sacked from the bank, goes home and does the repair anyway.

He then sings Let’s Go Fly A Kite, which begins “With tuppence for paper and string…” implying he used Michael’s money to effect the repairs. Except, the money had been given away, and the repairs were made from bits of old newspaper anyway, and the kite that the children said they made was actually one sold by Bert anyway (you can see identical ones on his stall), so they lied, and where did they get the money for that anyway?

Mr Banks, with the sacking, has realised how important his family are, far more than the drudgery of work, but Mr Dawes junior tells him that Dawes senior has died and Banks is back in the bank as a partner, so even more drudgery. The family is in just as bad a state, and Mary Poppins walks away from it all.