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Full metal dancing

The latest play at the Almeida in London reminded me of Full Metal Jacket (the Kubrick film) in s many ways.

Tht’s probably just me being a little odd, but it’s a story of a group of girls being prepared for a dance tournament. In its short running time, we find out about many of the anxieties of the girls, who are played by adult actors, their hopes and dreams.

There are a couple of set pieces of dance, various bits of grossness and blood letting, but mostly it is funny, well acted and worth your pennies, if you can find a ticket.

Little shop

The Open Air Theatre in Regent’s Park has its summer musical, Little Shop of Horrors.

I am sure you have seen the film, maybe even the musical. Apparently I am the only person not to have.

So, it’s good fun, to a point. Lots of green everywhere, a bit of dancing, some good singing. lots of nice costumes and a really great band, as ever.

Doing away, kind of, with the plant has been described as innovative, but actually seems to negate most of the fun of plot, especially as the performer replacing it is poor and you can’t understand what he is singing.

The songs are fairly unmemorable, and, rather like Rocky Horror, it doesn’t amount to much in the end. This is no commentary on modern day life. There’s no subtlety here. Apparently some of the cast are B list stars. None I had heard of except Forbes Masson, who seems busy these days.

You may be able to get tickets, and you may enjoy it.