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The Writer

It’s not really done to write review of plays that are in preview stage, but as I’m not a professional reviewer, I think I can just do what I like.

The latest offering at the Almeida is The Writer, written by Ella Hickson.

It’s the story of… um, well, now I’m stuck, because to start explaining the story would necessarily give away important plot points from the very start. Let’s just say, it’s a story about a play. What play? Well, itself, The Writer, possibly, or maybe a different play. A farce, perhaps.

There’s a strong cast, and it’s hard to say how many, but Samuel West and Romola Garai star. Samuel West is underused and does not appear in the second half at all. I thinks it’s ok to say that.

Two hours and five minutes, no interval. And definitely some things I have never seen before in any play. And lots of rude words and adult stuff.

Worth a ticket, given the lack of thoughtful drama in London these days. And very funny, at least to begin with.