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The end

I have been publishing this blog for a long time, in fact, more than seven years. The response has been a bit of spam but not much else. I do know some people read it.

It’s my fault, I guess, for not writing about interesting things, so this site will close down. Nothing more will be added, then eventually it will disappear.


Christmas is here

To be honest, according to many tv channels, Christmas has been here since June.

There are Christmas specials, channels showing non-stop Xmas films, last minute presents on the shopping channels and schemes to get you saving for Xmas 2019.

There’s some kind of competition for the best Xmas advert. John Lewis always seems to do quite well, so we know where their profit goes.

The Carry On films are appearing. No sign of It’s A Wonderful Life yes, or Mary Poppins.