Daily Archives: 02/04/2018


The death was announced today of Steven Bochco.

You will surely know Mr Bochco’s work. He is most famous, I suppose, for creating Hill Street Blues.

In fact, Mr B’s best work, for me, was on some of the early Columbo episodes. He also did L A Law, Doogie Howser, NYPD Blue and the infamous Cop Rock musical detective show which failed. Also on his list is Murder One. The idea was to follow one criminal case from beginning to end over lots of weeks. They chickened out, but it is available on dvd and worth a watch.

Hill Street Blues was considered mould breaking at the time, with a level of realism and denseness unseen before. As time went on, it turned into a soap opera, and rather fizzled out. Today it looks rather self-conscious.

I remember seeing Mr B in conversation at the NFT many years ago. His wife and Hill Street chums were in the audience. He was asked questions like ‘what was X like to work with’ and he would give a polite and tactful answer, until pressed when he would say ‘well, actually…’