Daily Archives: 07/04/2018

Generation Game

Ideas must be sparse at the BBC, because they have been reduced to reviving, again, the Generation  Game.

If you don’t know it, teams of two, male and female from different generations, eg mother and son, compete in a number of games and sketches to win prizes. It is a programme that was a mainstay of Saturday nights. Originally hosted, and later re-hosted, by Bruce Forsythe, but also Jim Davidson and Larry Grayson, it is remembered affectionately, perhaps undeservedly.

The latest hosts are Mel and Sue, who individually or collectively manage to spoil everything they appear on. Sue, especially, makes anything unwatchable, especially the Eurovision Song Contest as she plainly knows nothing and talks through the songs

The latest reboot was only four episodes long, but was reduced to two with no given reason, except possibly it was rubbish. This is supported by the first programme that we got to see, a terribly unfunny thing with Z list celebrities appearing to cover all the flaws. There’s lots of dubbed on laughter. The BBC has said that not all the laughter is dubbed or canned. And there were lots of penis jokes.

Times have changed since the 1970s, and not necessarily for the better. This is best avoided.