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Lost again

They say that the 1960s was a golden time for television. Part of this, I am sure is simply that there was relatively little choice, and good things were not lost in the background noise of soap operas, reality tv and sport.

In the UK, fondly remembered programmes include The Prisoner, The Avengers, things by Gerry Anderson, Armchair Theatre and more. In the USA, Irwin Allen produced a number of sci-fi series that are still remembered with affection. Lost in Space is one.

If you are not old enough, it is basically a re-telling of Swiss Family Robinson in space. The Robinson family, Major West, a robot and evil Zachary Smith head off into space for whatever reason, get lost, stranded, have adventures and stuff.

You can get the series on dvd, should you be inclined.

Apparently it was expensive to make, though that’s hard to see on the screen. It’s interesting to watch the series over a short period of time. You see how the nature of it changed. The adult stars were written out (they hated it, but surely they were still paid) and it became Will Robinson/Robot/Dr Smith meets weird aliens with magic powers every week. Dull stuff really, but cheap enough to produce. Other Irwin Allen series went down a similar silly route, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, for example.

Then it stopped, after 80 odd hour long episodes. The Robinsons are still lost in space, somewhere.

And that was that, except they decided to make a feature film of it. Actually, I think they expected it to be a big new series of movies, and they had big stars like William hurt, who should know better. But it failed, at least relatively.

And now Netflix is having another go, from later this month. Oh dear…