Daily Archives: 05/10/2018

The Beatles

The Beatles is in the news.

No, that’s not a mistake. I mean the double album released in 1968.

Giles Martin has been let loose wth the ProTools again and has turned it into a seven disc set costing a lot of money with a new, better stereo mix. Just like he did with Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

People on YouTube and elsewhere are talking about it, even before it is out in any of its variations.

They are all annoying me by calling it “The White Album” straight off. No, it’s not, it’s “The Beatles”.

I have seen a few people talking about the recordings, the new stuff and more. I have yet to see anyone not make fundamental mistakes, like getting track titles wrong. This is quite shocking.

Myself, I am not enthusiastic, especially as Martin has decided that the stereo version is the ‘only’ version worth considering. As we all know, The Beatles and George Martin viewed mono as the version to listen to.