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Dr Who I

Dr Who is a third of the way through the latest and eagerly anticipated series, so time for a few comments.

I was never a big fan of Dr Who. I remember when it started in 1963, when I was nine, and William Hartnell seemed like the perfect grumpy slightly mad scientist. It was the image that was repeated by Peter Cushing in two feature films. The TARDIS had clean, sciency lines.

The show was a children’s programme, done with little money, black and white and brought us the Daleks. It seemed to be very different from anything that had gone before.

Hartnell left and other actors took over, portraying the Doctor in very different ways. I wasn’t a fan of Troughton and stopped following it. The other incarnations, the Bakers, McCoy, Pertwee and so on I am aware of, and some of the assistants, but not really the plots.

At the end of the 1980s it had apparently become unpopular and viewing figures were low, and it disappeared from our screens, but re-booted in 2005. I still didn’t watch, until Peter Capaldi took over. He lives locally (to me) and I have seen him on the stage and know he is a good actor, so watched. He also seemed in many ways closest to the original character, slightly mad hair and a bit grumpy.

I think many people knew that Capaldi played the part well, but that the scripts he was given were pretty poor. After four years, he left.

I wasn’t going to watch any more, but the appointment of a female actress stirred up both the press and fans, and a completely new re-boot (again) meant at least I had to give it a go.