Procol Harum

In case you are a fan and had not noticed, Procol Harum are doing a concert at the London Palladium tonight, and there are still a few tickets to be had.

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  1. pws Post author

    As ever with Procol Harum concerts, it seems, it was a slightly shambolic affair. The first half was supposed to be a re-creation of their Live album with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, except they forgot to play one track and had to shoehorn it in later. Brooker forgets the orchestra’s name and the choir – that would be annoying to me – and he’s a bit croaky at the start. There’s lots of banter within the band that excludes the audience.
    It’s not sold out, but the crowd is appreciative and enthusiastic. The new songs are unmemorable and not what the people want to hear, but some of the older ones, especially A Salty Dog, bring the people to their feet. Cries of ‘Homburg’ are always ignored.

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