Steve Hackett

Steve Hackett is on tour again. You can see the dates on his site, going up to the end of 2019.

If you like a certain kind of music, you will know Mr Hackett. He was the (sadly underused) guitarist in Genesis during their golden age.

He has releaed a number of solo albums and collaborations, been in other supergroups or worked with other famous musicians, had something of a quiet patch in recent years but came storming back a few years ago with fan-pleasing Genesis revisited albums and concerts. If you watch the Live in Hammersmith dvd you will see me (in the audience).

The latest tour is much the same, but this time with a substantial orchestra. Oddly, although Mr H did a concert in London at the Royal Festival Hall last Thursday, he is down for another at the Palladium this week. There are a very few tickets available.

There’s a mixture of old and new material, and I suspect it’s the old stuff the fans want. Supper’s ready with orchestra sounds great. The extra musicians really fill out the sounds.

From my seat upstairs at the RFH, the sound was ok but not great, rather boomy and lacking nuance. But the concert was very enjoyable, and being filmed, it appeared.

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