Are Germans funny?

Apparently there is some kind of rivalry between the Brits and the Germans. We don’t forget two world wars, or the 1966 World Cup, which England won.

Monday evening on the History channel brought an Al Murray programme exploring why the Germans hate the Brits. The conclusion was that they don’t, that Germans barely give us Brits a thought. They have a nicer country, a better lifestyle, fewer hangups and enjoy being at the centre of Europe.

Murray’s companion was Henning Wehn, a German comedian who lives in London and is successful (and just up the road from me). I saw Henning in concert recently and he said that someone had asked him why he stayed in the UK and why he was successful. It’s easier, he said, all you have to do is say ‘fuck’ a lot and Brits think you are hysterical. I call this the Billy Connolly effect.

Coincidentally, the NFT had a session last night called “Are Germans Funny”. Henning was again involved. He had chosen a film, Manta Manta, and this was followed by a discussion with the director. It happens that they are good friends, drinking in the same pub together.

There was no real explanation of what Manta is. It appears to be racing cars, but the subtleties of that were lost on me. Henning said it was a ‘right laugh’ but there were only a few titters, I think. Even the many Germans in the audience were hardly killing themselves. But it was entertaining enough.

It did answer the question though. Are Germans funny…

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