What are we doing here?

We spend a lot of our lives going to plays, concert, films, even reading books. We have an opinion about most of these things, often good (because we pay for our tickets and so we choose we think we would like) but occasionally there is something not so good.

If it’s a play, for example, that is currently on eg in London, we give our personal opinion in the hope that you might be able to catch it, if it’s good. And if you have seen, or read it, make a comment. Tell us why we are wrong.

We try to save your time. Unlike most reviews, we don’t spend half the page telling you the plot, unless there’s something about it we wish to comment on. If you want to know, you can surely find it elsewhere.

We want to be positive. We know the amount of effort that usually goes into creating a play or a film. We look for top class entertainment, and we try to encourage others to see it.